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Improved insulation means improved systems.

Commercial Insulation

Mechanical insulation is used to help regulate heat gain or loss from surfaces operating above or below ambient temperature. At Grand Eagle Insulation, we look ahead to better understand the “big picture” before sourcing our materials and strategizing the design and installation process.

Commercial Insulation Objectives:
  • Condensation control and freeze protection
  • Energy conservation
  • Fire safety and personnel protection
  • Process and noise control
Commercial Insulation Services:
  • Pipe Insulation Systems
  • Duct Insulation Systems
  • Fire Stopping
  • Heat Tracing
  • Design-Build Projects
  • Confined Space
  • Mechanical Systems


Industrial Insulation

Grand Eagle Insulation offers West Michigan’s best industrial insulation services. From estimating, to design and installation, and project management, we ensure all projects are completed with cost and quality in mind.

Industrial Insulation Services:
  • Cryogenic & Refractory Applications
  • Specialty Equipment Insulation
  • Process Insulation
  • Custom Metal Fabrication
  • Thermal Blanket Fabrication
  • Utilidor Systems
  • Acoustical Insulation Systems
Save money & energy with an Improved Insulation System

Grand Eagle

Mechanical Insulation Benefits

Save Energy

Proper mechanical insulation means regulated temperatures. Saving your business energy… and saving your business money.

Increase Comfort

Protect the safety and health of your greatest assets by optimizing water vapor flow through your systems. Fire safety is our priority.

Good for the Environment

We help reduce the number of greenhouse gas emissions in your atmosphere by choosing superior mechanical insulation products.

Noise Reduction

Dampen distracting sounds and increase workplace productivity with our high-quality, dependable services.

Moisture and Freeze Prevention

Avoid unwanted frozen pipes and parts. Mechanical insulation prevents water vapor build-up, keeping your heating and cooling systems efficient and cost-effective.