Grand Eagle Insulation

Since 1994, Grand Eagle Insulation has proudly served the West Michigan area designing and installing high quality and high performance mechanical insulation systems.


At GEI, we are committed to decreasing energy use and increasing cost savings for industrial and commercial facilities and building projects. Working in the HVAC and Plumbing industries, we have completed projects for healthcare facilities, the semiconductor industry, educational facilities, federal, state and local governmental agencies, office buildings, hotels, retail facilities, and industrial facilities.

We are a full service building insulation company. Our products and services aim to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere while improving fire safety. Maximizing our knowledge, manpower, and 25 years of experience, allows us to work with a variety of products on systems ranging from simple to complex.

In short, if it needs to be insulated… Grand Eagle Insulation guarantees exceptional quality at a cost-friendly price.

Save money & energy with an Improved Insulation System